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Ben [ iX ]


a podcast binging stat sharing social media researcher & underdog supporter; always trying to improve shit — about to finish a phd in something.

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Ben [ iX ] stacked Multitouch
Another one of those apps that you set up once, and then it makes your life easier without you even noticing it anymore.
Ben [ iX ] stacked Bartender
Frees up the menu bar from the unnecessary icons and apps. Set it up once and then it'll disappear in the background doing what it does best.
love doing motionlapse videos with it.
time is money; what keeps the money is the vault.
Ben [ iX ] stacked TikTok
It's a black hole of enjoyable videos! What's not to like!?
Best iOS keyboard. Switch languages without switching keyboards. It's a lot better at word prediction than the default keyboard. Also, emoji search.
Ben [ iX ] stacked Bitly
Branded short links and click stats. Easy.
Ben [ iX ] stacked Reddit
It's the real internet.
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