Ouriel Ohayon

Ouriel Ohayon

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CEO @ZenGo (KZen) co-founder @Isai_fr buiDLing a #crypto wallet for everyone #blockchain / french - israeli

#movies, #product, #marketing, #startups, #mobile, #blockchainĀ 
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Ouriel OhayonĀ stackedĀ Edison
very good email client. don t forget to turn off data sharing
one of the best accessories ever made by Apple
Ouriel OhayonĀ stackedĀ Calendly
how my meetings get scheduled
Ouriel OhayonĀ stackedĀ Slack
That's how we work
Ouriel OhayonĀ stackedĀ ZenGo
Obviously my favorite way to buy, send, receive, earn and swap bitcoin and crypto currencies
Ouriel OhayonĀ stackedĀ Spotify
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