Zach Davidson

Zach Davidson


Venture Analyst @uscfund Looking for full-time entry level roles in Product Management!

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One of the most magical tools I've ever used. While I use Notion for structured thoughts, Roam is there to connect the dots when I can't see the connections. Roam is my second brain.
Zach Davidson stacked Command E
Easiest way to search all my cloud apps with one simple keyboard shortcut.
This thing is just so damn fun to use. Feels like a laptop, but with iOS. Apple Pencil + Paperlike screen protector are must haves essentials as well.
Zach Davidson stacked Drafts
Quickest way to capture half-baked thoughts on the fly.
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The best way to fly through your email. I feel like I'm paying for sanity, not a piece of software.
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My favorite place for organized thoughts
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Zach Davidson stacked MacBook Pro
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