Norman Chella

Norman Chella


I cover Asian podcasting @ Podlovers Asia. Founder @ ThatsTheNorm, creating podcasts against the norm. Reading wide and far. Stay warm and lovely

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I put all my Markdown files in Dropbox. It's useful - all my local notes now accessible on all of my devices!
This is a MONSTER browser. Much faster than Chrome, uses the same Chrome extensions, has a popup sidebar by pressing F4, and quick-search through every page you've visited/bookmarked via F2. I don't have to touch my mouse when using this browser. So amazing.
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Haven't had an Apple device in ~10 years. All I had was a 1st gen iPod Touch. This paired with a keyboard and mouse is AMAZING for writing notes. It can be a great focus buddy and a distraction when needed. The iPad is my friend. It's tempting me to be an iOS developer...
Sam Rukeyser
I interviewed Dr. Benjamin Hardy for his take on personality tests: they're a myth and a waste of time. This book uncovers the psychological barriers, traumas and more that define our current narrative. Summary: It's not who we are, but what we will become. Highly recommended.
Coleman Foley
Say that your circle is normal. You want to create, achieve, lead. You want to build. This is where you can find fellow builders. They share their energy, their methods, their projects, and you take in that enthusiasm. Within all this, you can create something for yourself.
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How to group up your million tabs into one tab and never see them again 101
This is my favourite way to suspend my distractions so I can get back to them later in 5 minutes
Learned programming fundamentals and going through HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Trying to learn how to code atm and the instructor is super clear and willing to help a non-coder like me. It's free for April so gotta make the most of it!
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