Nathan Sudds

Nathan Sudds


I'm a coach. consultant. biz owner. husband. food lover. digital nomad & human search engine. From 🇨🇦 Currently isolating in Thailand! #NeurodiverseSquad 🙌

#product, #customersuccess, #collaboration, #coworking, #virtual-reality 
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When I moved to a Macbook this was pretty much my first install -- I couldn't live without a clipboard history after many years on Windows where I'd been using Clipboard fusion... especially with ADHD!
Saadh S.
What's not to love -- I was sleeping on it originally but it's become so robust for a variety of things and now the API has been released who knows what's going to be possible.
I just love how the focus is on the daily notes but as you keep using it daily the map of what you know becomes networked --- great for a variety of reasons.
YogiColeman Foley
Allows me to get in the zone working in VR with multiple screens while just traveling with my laptop! 3+ screens in the virtual world plus virtual coworking as well
Great way to connect with family, friends and colleagues when working and living remotely
It's such a powerful tool for getting clear on what to build for products -- with the community and user in mind! Favorite feature is being able to highlight a very specific line in a user's communication anywhere and connect it to a Job to be Done or feature request.
Top P2P lending platform in Europe with returns around 12% on your investments with a secondary market to easily liquidate if you need access to your funds quickly. Lots of features to minimize risk and auto-invest
I use this to curb my dislike of spreadsheets lol -- I can make an app for any spreadsheet that I need to reference regularly, it's so much more powerful than that but this has been my favorite usage so far :)
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