Natalie Marleny

Natalie Marleny


✏️ Application Engineer and Git Gymnast

#programming, #code, #calisthenics, #software 
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Issue tracking tool which is keyboard shortcut driven and really clear and easy to use. It is everything I want from a piece of software I’m going to be using every day - intuitive and clear.
Jesse Russell
Anderson da Silva
I use it only for editing commit messages, but I really love Vim.
Makes me feel like a concert pianist when I'm interfacing with a computer. Tools aren't everything but this keyboard is a joy to use. It is also a *look*.
Whereby has been a recent addition for me; it's simple to use, doesn't require installation and looks beautiful. It's a piece of software which I find calming and really appreciate.
Meditation App which is very simple to start using
Scott SpenceJulie
Session is Pomodoro tracking with analytics and reflection - each session prompts you to reflect on how it went, which I've found to be a game changer. Also, it's a really beautiful piece of software.
Coleman FoleyJames YoungEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
This is one of those things which is so good I can't believe it exists. Viewing paintings in detail and at my own pace is beautiful.
YourStack Mascot