Krystle Cho

Krystle Cho


I love to design and make things for fun. If I had a store I'd sell notebooks, tea, flowers and cozy socks.

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Portable little contraption turns your laptop into an ergonomic desktop. I pair it with my Contour Mouse and Apple Magic Keyboard.
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After developing De Quervain's in my wrist, I switched to the Contour Mouse. Comes in multiple sizes. Best feature for designers is the click-lock capability (In the driver settings) allows you to select, highlight or drag items without holding down the mouse button.
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$4.99 versus $150.
Since Uber family doesn’t exist in SF, WhizRider solves ride sharing for families. This tiny portable pack is a car seat alternative for traveling kids 3+ old. Great to and from the airport!
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Anything is better than Evernote
Beautiful story that everyone can relate to. If life's journey can be understood in some way, it's through this book.
40min workout leaves you feeling sore every time. It’s Pilates on steroids.
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