Ben Junya

Ben Junya

Award losing full stack dev. @jsdotla organizer - Author of - Love video games, writing, nature, and public speaking :)

#productivity, #snowboarding, #culture, #meditation, #prototyping 
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By far, the best office chair. Beats Herman-Miller by a long shot. Fully reclines, cushions by entire back and butt, comes with headrest pillow and lumbar support. I absolutely love this chair. Looks badass too!
If you played the high stakes, high stress FTL, this game is made by the same people. It's a turn based strategy game where you're protecting cities from getting attacked by giant monsters at any cost, even making tough decisions like attacking your own units. Amazing game!
The sound quality is amazing. I use these with my Mac and connect via bluetooth. The microphone is great too. You can mute yourself my just tilting the mic up until it clicks. Great for listening to music and coding and playing video games!
While large in physical size, all the interviews in this book are bite sized and a few can be read in a single sitting. There's some really fantastic business, life, and financial, and health advice in this book. It's a great morning read with a cup of coffee.
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The music, the story, and community all coming together in this game make it so much fun to play, especially in isolation. The story makes you feel like a legend, the music is fantastic, and the community has some of the nicest and kindest people I've ever met in online gaming.
These are a full set of dumbbells in a single cradle. They go up to 52.5 lbs and are really easy and versatile. I can get a full body workout with this, plus an adjustable bench. This has been my substitute from gym time in while quarantine.
I use the automated/scheduled post feature to promote my Twitter account and post Javascript tips to my followers. Personally - I absolutely loathe social media. TweetDeck allows me to automate this so I don't have to wade through the muck of (gasp) social media.
Stefan Natter
I have been journaling since 2011 and have gone through 4 A5 notebooks, with stone paper being the best. The pages write well and are water + tear resistant. The only downside is the pages are just a little bit transparent in a weird way, but not terrible.
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