Moritz Rodermund

Moritz Rodermund


UX/UI Designer, Food Enthusiast, Espresso Addict, Beer Lover

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Super useful, local-running time tracker that gives you insights at the end of the day what you've been working on and for how long. Extremely valuable for tracking activities.
From one day to another we became remote first. Jamm helps our team to stay connected, get the daily dose of trash talk and have fun together. Zen mode gives the finishing touch.
Great network of beer nerds to connect with, rate (& remember) beers and check out venues' tap list.
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Simplified inbox for all your newsletters. I'd wish for a migrate feature to clear my actual mailbox.
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When working cross-plattform PowerPoint is delivering. Even though I'm still looking for alternatives.
Doing great work delivering detailed assets straight out of Sketch. Edit: Seems outdated since the latest Sketch udpate… 🙃
For me the go-to software for interactive products from concept to development hand-over.
I haven't been a big fan of open source software for ever… but now I do and highly value RocketChat as great alternative to Slack.
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