Matt Mazzeo

Matt Mazzeo


Coatue. Past: Lowercase Capital & CAA. @jesicaahlberg 💍 Louie 🐶

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Matt Mazzeo stacked Cameo
Probably the funniest gift I’ve ever given a friend was a Cameo from Melissa Joan Hart. The right Cameo to the right person at the right time is 🔥
Ryan HooverAmrith ShanbhagLanre Akinyemi
Best way to keep track of $$$. Everything I wish Mint could have been. Feels like Superhuman for money management
Ryan HooverNavalCalum Webb
Reminds me to stop being a lazy ass. Hard to ignore the bike when it’s in your bedroom
Matt Mazzeo stacked Venmo
1. Super convenient. 2. Go through the feed of emoji and captions for payments and try not to laugh.
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