Max Rovensky

Max Rovensky


React / Node.js developer. @zeithq

#love, #nature, #animation, #startups, #react, #photography 
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It is THE way to build modern webapps 😌
I don't know how I opened Slack links to GitHub before this app
We've been using it at ZEIT for shared playlist sessions for quite some time and it's awesome!
Started using Basecamp Personal a few weeks ago for managing personal life stuff instead of Notion and I'm absolutely loving it
Like Slack, but better in every possible way
The drink of the gods
Idk, it's just kinda been a ubiquitous screen recording tool for me for as long as I can remember. Still use it because macOS' built-in recording doesn't capture audio
Calum Webb
Intuitive hotkey-based window snapping tool. Use it all the time
YourStack Mascot