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I have a 4.88 star rider rating on Uber.

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Max M. stacked 1Password
I finally got serious about password security and 1Password helped! Love being able to have a shared vault so that I can keep the Netflix password there for my family.
Max M. stacked Google Play Music
I love GPM because it's not Spotify. GPM is a mess, it's dated, and you can tell Google has signed it's death warrant, but when I make a playlist in Spotify, it tends to repeat the same 10 songs even though my playlist might have hundreds of songs.
Max M. stacked Google Home Mini
Actually I pretty much hate it (because it doesn't recognize the wake word, doesn't listen, for some reason the one I'm next do doesn't respond but the one in the other room does, etc), but I'm pretty stuck in the Google ecosystem so I'm stuck with it.
Max M. stacked Momentum
Nothing better than a beautiful picture and a nice quote to start my morning!
Max M. stacked Zero
This helped keep me on track to finally lose weight after years and years of trying. I can't recommend it enough!
Max M. stacked Drafts
This app is so great I'd consider leaving Android for it. You can tell that the developers have actively thought about what they want this app to be and how they want it to function, and because of that it's the perfect starting off spot to get an idea down without any frill.
Max M. stacked Notion
This is THE app. It's where I've started building my second brain, so my whole life is migrating into it. It's so flexible, when I run into a problem I think "how can Notion help me solve this?" and so far the success rate is high! Always excited to talk more about it so hmu!
Max M. stacked D&D Beyond
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