Mathias Vermeulen

Mathias Vermeulen


Really cool stuff in L&D with #WinstonWolfe - #ProfessionalAmateur - Co-founder of @DutchDillonVOF - Organizer of #LearningTechDay - Fan of Seattle #Seahawks!

#mobile, #development, #tech, #learning 
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Mathias Vermeulen stacked Slack
It's the place where my work happens
Best way to create spaced mail-based learning programs
Mike Taylor
If you need to create eLearning, this is my first stop.
Mathias Vermeulen stacked Feedly
What would I do without it?
It is the glue of the internet :-)
Mathias Vermeulen stacked Zapier
Best tool to automate and spare precious time
Mathias Vermeulen stacked Notion
Love the simplicity to write, reflect, collaborate, ...
Mathias Vermeulen stacked Glide
Best thing since sliced bread
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