Graham Hunter

Graham Hunter


Startup and music lover. Startup Program @Segment. @Techstars & @WhartonEntrep Alum, @500Startups mentor. Formerly Dir of Marketing @Patreon.

#analytics, #design, #ui, #automation, #product-management, #startups 
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It seems like Beds are either cheap garbage OR so expensive that I need a payment plan. The Purple Foundation is such a win. I set it up in 10 min with NO tools. It's metal beneath a removable upholstered cover. It folds down small for moving and has 9 legs to make it sturdy.
Lam HoangAaron
I used to be obsessed with buying new bags, finding a new one for every use case. Then, I bought this bag and haven't looked back.
Rohit Bommisetti
So simple, doesn't try to sell me endless online classes or anything.
Graham Hunter stacked QSC
The best noise cancelation out there.
It has the right blend of simplicity and strategy. It takes an hour to play, which is just enough to get deep in it but still fit into a night of doing other things.
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