Maria Teresa Stella

UX/UI Designer | In a complicated relationship with Gluten | Indoor plant freak

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Creates a scheduling link for those who want to have a call with you. It enables templates and links, and it's all free!
Lesley ChangJohn Hayes
Best way to quickly share large files
Need to send a password to somebody? No worries! This website creates a secret link which expires after the person has copied the password.
With Raindrop I have all of my bookmarks in one place and I can easily categorize them according to topic
Quickly generates a palette from a website. Very useful when creating designs for clients
For all the plant lovers out there - in a few seconds, it recognizes the plant in front of you and gives you lots of info about it. It's quite accurate! There is also a diagnosis function but still early imo.
Cool extension that enables quick translations of terms into another/your language
Freedom is helping me get less distracted during the day and use my phone less in the evening so that I don't go to bed too late
YourStack Mascot