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Web & Graphic Designer at Hometime, full of witty remarks, and occasionally a sense of fashion

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Being able to screen emails and decide who can email you is simply revolutionary.
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It's so convenient having a paper pad (that plays nice with a fountain pen) on my desk to just write on and tear out
They are lovely looking inks in very unique packages.
These are really nice, full-grain leather, made to order pen cases with very reasonable prices from a company with an incredible back story.
It's a very well priced pen for the features it offers, with a built in piston filling system that you normally see on more expensive pens. TWSBI's philosophy also means every pen comes with all you need to disassemble and maintain your pen yourself, which is really cool.
It’s a compact, well built little SSD, with a USB-C port, and for me it works brilliantly as a backup drive.
I’ve found it to be a very capable app for managing my library of mood board images, with features like just copy/paste pics from the web, and very good tagging/filtering abilities.
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Basically a wallet for my keys, it means I can carry my keys in a very slim package, with no rattling and in style.
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