monica regalado

monica regalado


ux researcher doing a research thing i guess i dunno

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This keyboard goes OFF! This is a good keyboard for you if you like Apple but hate how 'flat' the Mac keyboard is. It's got the Mac layout so completely compatible. It's a bit noisy - which is good if u like being extra.
othoMorgan CrutchfieldJuan Vaamonde is like if u combined tumblr and google keep. tumblr but for pdfs n pics? such a good way for connecting ideas and discovering new rabbit holes for theories and topics. u can also write custom text blocks -- rly useful for essay writing. matches my mental model of "things"
Eric RulemanothoRyan Hoover
everything. figuring out ways to automate things i've done manually is a fun problem to solve. it helps me with my job but also everything else i'm trying to organise in my life.
Juan Vaamonde
kinda worked on it a lot so use it a lot. and i'm always lost!
Juan Vaamonde
good at playlist management and discovering new stuff
AaronJuan Vaamonde
Juan Vaamonde
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