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Lucas H.


I create, market, and study. I do that with whatever gadget fits my bill.

#api, #designer 
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AlsoAsked is the better (and 100% free - NOT freemium!) alternative to AskThePublic. This is a bit of a hidden gem for generating content ideas. Try it out and fall in love.
This program puts your gym in your home. The workouts are heavy, or just right. Whatever you like. The use of the ring controller is awesome. The tracking is accurate and gives you live feedback on your exercises. Perfect during corona time, when you're not allowed to go out!
Lucas H. stacked Honey
It's like free money. I'm not sure how I feel about their lack of clarification that they do have affiliation with a lot of companies - it's not very explicitly stated, at least not as explicitly as I'd like it to be - but it works well!
You can't be browsing the internet without adblock these days. I pay for the sites I love, and I block the ads I hate.
Lucas H. stacked Discord
Discord is perfect for digital meetings, friends, and just about anything that requires casual communication and conversation. It's a fast and easy replacement for Twitter DM's, though Twitter DM's *are* a little more whimsical and fun.
Lucas H. stacked YouTube
YouTube is crazy useful for information. You just need to use it right. Admittedly, my use of YouTube isn't "perfect" for productivity, but I do love the platform. It's got its issues, but no wonder with how complicated a system like this is.
I hate outlook. It's slow, doesn't work well with VPN's, etc. But I have to use it because I don't have any other, better, alternatives.
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The ultimate digital networking machine. Meet new people, make new friends, and mostly make new sales. Just use it right.
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