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Turning regular habits into game-like tasks, with leveling up and quests, works great. Getting experience points and in-game cash is the only thing that got me to brush my teeth every day.
This game turns climbing Celeste mountain into a very personal and emotional goal. Few games deal with issues like depression and self-esteem like this one does. Also, gameplay and level design are just out of this world.
This is a puzzle game made with loads of love. Entertaining and quite soothing, it gets new modes and challenges quite often. Recently they added a sort of "Find Waldo" mode with a giant, animated and beautiful canvas where you search for different items. Loved that one.
Seems to work the best in my city (Santiago, Chile). Used some other competitors and had a couple of cases where the order never got picked up, or never received it.
Best way I've found to request feedback on websites. They recently added video capture with timestamped comments which work great when showing animation or other dynamic features.
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Powerful search, labels and filters keep my inbox tidy, postpone and schedule messages. No other email client has been as consistent for me as Gmail / G Suite.
Long-lasting battery life (around 20 days with HR tracking off), great sleep tracking, built-in GPS and HR sensor. Didn't want another gadget to charge daily so I went with a less powerful activity tracker.
Amazing sound quality and marathonic battery life (seriously, this thing gets around 40 hours per charge) make for one of the best BT headphones for office use. Noise cancelling isn't on par with pricier options, but for the price (around US$70 paid) there is no better choice.
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