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Lenny Hu


Generalist problem solver | Product design @sherlock_score

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Got a great refund for our home purchase! Scheduling tours with their agents was easy, and the closing agent who we were assigned once we started making offers was pro. Because we prefer to do our own research, taking the refund with Openlistings was a no-brainer.
I got pre-approved super fast! A loan helper reached out immediately and the UI made it very easy to upload the dozens of documents they needed. However, I did run into delays during the closing process as my situation was unique. Ultimately we closed (but slightly late).
I wanted a good-enough at-home VR experience without having to build a PC and fiddle with settings. Wipeout VR, Tetris Effect, and Superhot are amazing experiences where the limitations of the PSVR doesn't get in the way.
The girlfriend loves the warming feature. It probably saves us a decent amount on heating overnight. I do have the say our cats ruin the sleep tracking feature though, as they sit/sleep on the bed during the day.
Great quality, fast shipping, decent prices
Clarity above all else
Fight like Neo from the Matrix
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