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The playlists are so good that I rarely skip a track. Saves me searching forever elsewhere, to find something decent to listen to. As with the desktop app and website, their branding is on point. Always good vibes!
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Benoit ChambonRyan Hoover
it is what it is 👁👄👁
I'm a fan of stock apps, and since I live in Apple's world, this is what I use.
Leandro stacked Calendly
Very simple, great design and usability. So easy to use for scheduling, very low friction.
JoelPedro Wunderlich
Leandro stacked Notion
This is my 4th attempt with Notion. The first two times it just didn't click for me, I found it too complicated. Now, for some reason it just works. It's so flexible for both work and personal stuff, that I'm moving most my notes and other stuff to Notion.
Adi GoldsteinShahul RashikRyan Hoover
This minimal wallet is how I like most of my accessories: matte black and stealthy. Very durable and blocks RFID as standard.
Calum WebbruchiPeter Thaleikis
Leandro stacked Pinterest
I use it to save stuff from around the web that I want to buy.
Only just discovered this via YourStack 😉 Cool, easy listening, nostalgic vibes.
Alexandre MouriecAleksandra SmelianskaJesse Russell
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