Kyle J. Fellin

Kyle J. Fellin


30 Something Tech Junkie always in search of the perfect app, phone, headphones, smart home gear.

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A great way to combine the new and the old. Taking notes in my various tech courses and being able to store and access them anytime on Google Drive, Evernote, DropBox, etc... it’s a dream.
Good way to start investing. Provides some “pro” tips as well as suggestions. Easy to use and navigate.
The ECG is cool, but seems a little gimmicky to me. I have noticed improved battery life over my series 3.
Tanishq Sharma
I carry a notebook and fountain pen with me at all times. Using my phone for quick notes and lists is fine and all, but for serious writing or things I really need to remember I find that feeling the information leave my hand is a much better tool. #DontForgetTheOldWays
Vastly superior, in my opinion, to the stock iOS calendar. Easily syncs with google calendar and a premium UI.
An easy time waster. The depth and richness of character backstories is so amazing. Good developers and frequent updates and patches.
In my opinion the best phone on the market. I prefer the midnight green option. That color is more marvelous in person than in the photos.
Comfortable, easy to use and above average sound quality.
YourStack Mascot