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Kmarko stacked Hypernotes
It's like Workflowy, Dynalist, Roam, Logseq...but with a different name.
Kmarko stacked Sunsama
because it's new and cool and I passed the test to get beta
Kmarko stacked Alarmy
only thing that gets me up. literally. impossibly loud
Kmarko stacked NeuraCache
spaced repetiton syncs w Bear and Obsidian
Kmarko stacked Superhuman
no mouse needed
Kmarko stacked Keychron K6
clickety clack
Kmarko stacked polar
So slept on. and it's free. > Polar is an integrated reading environment to build your knowledge base. Actively read, annotate, connect thoughts, create flashcards, and track progress.
Kmarko stacked north notes
lightning fast nesting
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