Katie Jacobs Stanton

Mom of 3 & @tacopuppy. Investor @MoxxieVentures and @hashtagangels. Alum of @Twitter @WhiteHouse @Google @color @Yahoo. Board Member @Vivendi @TIME. ❤️🇺🇸🌍

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Katie Jacobs Stanton
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Mom of 3 & @tacopuppy. Investor @MoxxieVentures and @hash...
Cameo's delight friends, family and even potential business partners!
AaronSaw @briannekimmel got a message from Scott Rogowsky which is awesome. Never thought of using it as a business tactic, however I'm now loving it haha. @l_akinyem1 @EJSnowdon maybe to close deals? 😉
5mo ago
Lanre Akinyemi
Lanre AkinyemiOr to reward myself for closing deals! I think a shoutout from Snoop would be ideal!
5mo ago
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