Katie Jacobs Stanton

Mom of 3 & @tacopuppy. Investor @MoxxieVentures and @hashtagangels. Alum of @Twitter @WhiteHouse @Google @color @Yahoo. Board Member @Vivendi @TIME. ❤️🇺🇸🌍

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Managing investments and back office for Moxxie Ventures
Better platform for video conferencing
Ryan Hoover
Webflow still needs work, but I use it and like it to manage website needs
JulieAnkitAblorde Ashigbi
Elpha is a safe and efficient place for women to talk about their jobs - from how to manage mat leave, negotiate for more equity, job searches and general inspiration.
JulieRyan HooverAmrith Shanbhag
I use Airtable to track investments and a bunch of other workflow things
Parker Henderson
Cameo's delight friends, family and even potential business partners!
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