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Kate PottsĀ stackedĀ AirPods Pro
Bluetooth + Noise Cancelling = Done.
Where do I begin!? It's the best parts of all their previous systems. I love Ringfit and would likely still be using it without the pandemic. Plus, Mario Galaxy just launched today! (9/18/20)
Kate PottsĀ stackedĀ Pocket
I've been using Pocket for years now, nothing beats how simple it is to use and revisit. Great compatibility across apps, and I've enjoyed their 'new' featured content this past year or so.
It's a legit workout that still offers all of the entertainment and and reward of a typical video game. Flipped, it's a video game that will genuinely produce positive health and fitness results if you stick with it.
Really nice to not have to have my phone on me at all times - especially at home.
Max Yakin Bozek ć‚¹Coleman FoleyPASCAL TIEMANN
When the waters are rough, or the path is unclear - this book is a calming North Star.
Kate PottsĀ stackedĀ iPhone X
I have a personal computer in my pocket - 10 year old me would be geeking out.
Kate PottsĀ stackedĀ Google Tasks
If I don't write something down, it doesn't exist. Google Tasks allows me to easily re-populate and shift my daily priorities and recurring tasks.
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