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Impacting those who can’t wait for age to bring maturity. 👨🏽‍💻Chief Creator @thebrandchearis 🦁Hubs & Dad 🔐Product Manager, @Mimecast 📖 Eph 4:15

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Starting using Workflowy again last week. It’s currently a form of a Bullet Journal. Perfect for rapid logging! Maybe I should record a vid on how I use it.
Lightweight, cool, and very helpful Menu Bar icon that shows your calendar with the click of a button. Love its minimal interface; it actually looks like native MacOS functionality!
So, I was working out at F45 and crushing it. Then COVID-19 hit. I wanted a Peloton Bike for a while, but it made all the more sense now. It’s a welcome addition to the home gym. I hate it when I hop on, but I love it when the screen tells me I crushed it.
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Never knew that picking weeds and chopping wood would be relaxing, yet here I am avoiding actual outside because of disease and death wasps and I'm talking to owls about what bug is this.
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I was gifted the Switch a while back, but I never really played it. Animal Crossing New Horizons changed all that. Now I'm daily playing because Tom Nook is a crook and I have a mortgage.
This keyboard case is soooo over-priced, but dang is it not a powerful addition to the portability arsenal. I have the 11" version, and while it took a moment to become accustomed to the smaller trackpad, I am blazing through work with it now.
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Extremely fashionable and extremely affordable eyewear! My 'main' pair of glasses are from Warby, and I have another pair from a cheaper brand that I carry when I travel. The Warby are my favorite by far.
My repository for scripts I write and training progress. The desktop app is pretty dope, too!
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