Julien Dambron

Julien Dambron


Scrum Master @Capgemini, avid reader, avid learner

#programmation, #literature, #investing, #scifi, #startups, #friends 
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Julien Dambron stacked Netlify
Really easy to deploy static websites with efficient CDN and automatic assets optimization
Julien Dambron stacked Brave
Fast browser with good defaults for privacy. It is also an attempt to change advertising online, making it more respectful of privacy.
Julien Dambron stacked DuckDuckGo
Better privacy than the bigger alternative. It also doesn't feel like it serves you mostly ads.
Changed the way I see decision making.
Julien Dambron stacked espanso
A multiplatform text expander with the good balance between simplicity and functionalities
Julien Dambron stacked Monica
Awesome personal CRM
Julien Dambron stacked Nirvana
Really great app to use GTD
To manage our work in my company.
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