Joshua Schaer

Joshua Schaer


Psychologist, interested in humans and computers. Special interest in privacy, food and travelling. I love nature and cities. I am a beer nerd.

#product-design, #parent, #dad, #eating, #sustainability, #ui, #prototyping +5
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Fast, beautiful and lots and lots of awesome features.
Joshua Schaer stacked Mark Text
My simple text and notes editor of choice.
Joshua Schaer stacked Overflow
Best. User-Flow. App. Out. There.
Joshua Schaer stacked Rambox
Gotta love everything neatly at one place. Less distraction, since I can easily setup notifications and badges.
Joshua Schaer stacked Nextcloud
Best Dropbox alternative out there. Can do even more things than dropbox, for example host contact and calendar.
Joshua Schaer stacked KeePassXC
Slightly better user experience than the official one.
Joshua Schaer stacked Balsamiq
So many times I come back to this oldschool wireframing Mockup tool, just because its so simple and helps to put focus on the concept and not the design.
Joshua Schaer stacked Spectacle
Could do without it. Pure muscle memory.
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