Jon Barber

Jon Barber


Product Designer / UX Engineer

#design, #product, #startup, #movies, #react, #ux, #ui 
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Best web app that I've found for creating user flows and diagrams.
Best entry-level audiophile turntable. Lovely minimalistic design and sounds amazing. You'll need an amplifier if your receiver doesn't have a mono input.
Used to be an Rdio guy but when they were acquired by Pandora I had to switch to Spotify. At first I was really underwhelmed by their UX but so much has improved in the last 5 years. Highly recommended.
It's a classic. Required reading for designers.
Very comfortable. The noise cancelling is fantastic.
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My go-to for UI work. Great plugins from the community. Pair with InVision's Craft for rapid prototyping.
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