Jesper Bylund

Jesper Bylund


Designer from Sweden with some developer skills. I’ve gone from game design to tools for creatives.

#philosophy, #startups, #weightlifting 
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Jesper Bylund stacked Goodreads
Has been stagnant since amazon took over. But still the best reading community app.
Currently the best way to take notes and actually learn from them. Helps me structure my thoughts.
Jesper Bylund stacked Loom
Best way to share quick tips and instructions.
Jesper Bylund stacked Vivino
If you don’t write it down, how will you learn what you like? Vivino makes this effortless and kinda fun.
Jesper Bylund stacked Coinbase
By far the simplest way to own and trade crypto (use pro!)
Jesper Bylund stacked iPhone 12
Mini. The iPhone 12 Mini. Totally in love. Finally a perfect form factor phone. I can do everything on it. But it’s not huge and clunky! 🥰
Jesper Bylund stacked Things
Bought my first Mac to use this app a decade ago. Still use it every day. And it’s winning awards for design with every new version that comes out.
Radoslav Stankov
Jesper Bylund stacked Tempo
Gives me total flow blasting through my email 3 times per day, in batches. Love this app!
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