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Jessica Manipon


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I love having the Kindle app on my Android. This way, I save on money, paper, and shelf space. Plus I can catch up on my reading on the go.
There is so much variety in the app and highly customizable. You can change the speed, type of practice, focus area, and length of practice. I never get bored of the same yoga practice. It's very affordable too.
The first thing I love about this bluetooth wireless keyboard is the sleek design. It also connects very fast, has a slot for tablets, and sturdy. I cannot recommend this enough!
The best password manager, in my opinion. It is free and open source, user-friendly. Can't ask for more, really.
It may not be the best for web design, but I love that the experience focuses on the writers publishing articles. Very affordable as well.
The vector creator app is super handy. It's like Canva for vectors.
With Mailtrack, my mail doesn't go to spam unlike other mail tracking applications. It gives me sufficient insights on the emails I send.
Aside from being my go-to software for making decks, I use PowerPoint to craft low-fidelity mock ups or to quickly edit photos.
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