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First Round's In Depth podcast would be one of my all time faves. Focuses on the super practical tactical side of business building in a way that other podcasts don't, straight to the point, no BS and Brett Berson's super easy to listen to.... worth a look
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Another version like Stacker to front end airtable . . trying them both at the moment for a side project . . . .
Playing with this now to front end airtable, seems pretty good so far....
So much more than just a spreadsheet, am using it for the backend of a new side project and super powerful
Still looking for the perfect timezone plugin to make it easier to get across colleague's timezones that integrates into slack, notion etc . . . this doesn't do all that but it does have a nice visual interface
Still love Medium for longform search and write..
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For non-designers Canva was a good start but Figma has take over, love it...!
beautiful and super easy to use, replaces my google calendar. Be even better still when it integrates with outlook
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