Jason G

Jason G


Growth at Kite.com, previously building fitness apps. Also made usefinn.com.

#marketing, #work, #development, #code 
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Jason G stacked Sekiro
I’ll play any From Software game, but this game is the best so far. Be prepared to throw your controller.
Jason G
Been using it for 6 years! BTT has made it much easier to more efficiently use apps I frequently use.
Jason G stacked Kite
Helps me Google less boilerplate code since I don't code very often. Otherwise it's a nice productivity boost that blends into your workflow without you really noticing. Might have to play with settings a bit to get the UI right.
Joe HootmanAaron
Jason G stacked Quip
The search is pretty key vs other competitors I've used. Comment threads, and interlinking between docs is great. Embedding images/filetypes + having long documents not consume a ton of resources on my machine needs a bit of work though.
Jason G stacked VS Code
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