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JanelĀ stackedĀ MailerLite
Go-to email tool for all of my side projects. Love that it supports automations.
Stefan Natter
JanelĀ stackedĀ Glide
My entry drug into no-code world. It's so easy that you can make functional apps in a few hours.
JanelĀ stackedĀ Namecheap.com
Affordable prices, customer service that responds almost immediately and wonderful user interface.
JanelĀ stackedĀ Gofullpage
Can't think of a better way to make full page screenshots in Chrome
JanelĀ stackedĀ Loom
Video recording made easy.
JanelĀ stackedĀ LastPass
Trusty password manager. Free plan is so generous!
JanelĀ stackedĀ Carrd
Simple-to-use and affordable landing page builder
My primary chat app, love that it can be used across platforms. Encrypted and fast. Great search functions.
YourStack Mascot