Jesse Reichenstein

Jesse Reichenstein


UI / UX Developer. Trying way too hard to be funny since '94.

#startup, #cooking, #freelance, #mediation, #product-design, #internet, #ux 
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The best face mask I've found so far that's readily available. Super comfortable and able to easily get a tight fit so you're actually breathing through the mask and not around it
You probably already have a Blogger account to manage weblogs. Well, guess what? The guy who built that has this new startup and keep an eye on it because it's going to be big #ByeFacebook
I admittedly am a little nerdy than the average person when it comes to Notebooks + Pens and the guys at Studio Neat make some of the best out there. Great size, dot-grid pages, feels great. Always have a few of these on hand
This has been a game-changer with freelancing and just putting my savings for taxes, retirement, vacation, etc. on autopilot and giving me piece of mind. Anyone doing contract work will definitely be happy come around tax time! Get $25 to start -
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