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Indra Ganzorig


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I feel I am more confident in my writing with this app. Highly recommended.
We used Chromecast for a few years before switching to Apple TV. Chromecast < Apple TV for sure 🙇🏻‍♀️ Aside from Netflix and Youtube, we also play games on it. Overall, pretty happy with it.
This lap desk/cushion is great. I wish I had it sooner!
Anyone in any kind of leadership position, current or future, should read this book.
I love to put one of the "Focus" playlists while working.
Since we're all working remotely these days, I wanted to get an accurate measurement of my productivity and time spent on different tasks.
I reread parts of this book to remind myself why I shouldn't stay complicit.
Been with Goodreads since 2009 ❤️
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