Trevor Murphy

Trevor Murphy


Designing experiences at @oscarhealth | building an accessible design system at

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So much fun, we play it at team happy hours while we’re all remote!
This is my favorite podcast. I listen to every episode as soon as they come out.
While I’m wfh I can make my own food to save a bit of cash. The air fryer is super easy to use and makes some delicious food that gives you that fried food flavor without being coated in oils.
VarunStefan NatterLeandro Ardissone
Inexpensive tool but allows you to check contrast across apps. Really simple and easy to use
Honestly I’d recommend this book to anyone who needs to get honest answers from users. If you can get honest feedback from your mom you can get honest feedback from anyone!
Ahmed MenSrivatsa MudumdyJack Smith
Tons of templates and super easy to use and setup. Also it’s way cheaper than other options like Squarespace
I have the model with the aluminum frame. It feels so sturdy, is the right size, it looks amazing, and I’m just overall obsessed with it
Max Yakin Bozek スLeo SFRahul
The black curved bottom tees are amazing and have become my go to
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