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Interested in good UI/UX, innovative design, and generally good/useful stuff.

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KevinĀ stackedĀ Stratechery
Ben provides consistent, in-depth analysis of the tech industry. The fact that it's now released in daily podcast form is even better, since it fits more into my news consumption workflow. I rarely deem these kinds of subscriptions necessary, but this is definitely worth it.
KevinĀ stackedĀ adidas Ultraboost
Not only are they the most comfortable shoes of all time, but the Triple White 1.0s are also insanely stylish. You can match these bad boys with almost anything! This shoe alone singlehandedly places adidas above Nike for me.
KevinĀ stackedĀ Headspace
A very noble service in its mission. Makes meditation very approachable, which is quite appreciated in today's busy world. The soft palette and nice UI are also plusses, making navigating the app a pleasure.
KevinĀ stackedĀ thingtesting
Really nice D2C brand discovery platform. As a sucker for Instagram-born brands with cool product designs and interesting concepts, this service is very appreciated. They're very early in catching new companies too, so that's always nice!
KevinĀ stackedĀ Superhuman
-Blazing fast -Beautiful UI (Carbon Theme especially šŸ˜) -Keyboard shortcuts make navigating through emails a joy -Splits are great for sectioning off different email types, much preferred over tags -Snippets save a lot of time writing the same things -Searchable command menu
KevinĀ stackedĀ Discord
-Custom emoji support -Beautiful UI -Mobile voice chat bubble is very functional and convenient -Message reactions Just the best team communication app in my opinion. It's too bad they've had the negative connotation associated with gAMeRs for so long.
-Best keyboard on a laptop, with no competition -Sizeable touchpad with buttons on top (including middle button!), but the ability to still click on bottom corners -Beautiful, high-res touchscreen -Great I/O -Amazing specs for productivity -Still decently thin and light!
-Ability to swap updoots to the right side of the screen -Easily swipe right to exit comments -Holds place in feeds -Quick comment navigation by simply tapping on each to collapse children
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