Interested in good UI/UX, innovative design, and generally good/useful stuff.

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Not a fan of rubber tips, so this is the latest (and last) model with which I can still enjoy the ergonomic design.
Kevin stacked Boost for Reddit
90% of the all the features I expect of a good Reddit app. Currently trying it out over Infinity and am liking some of the extra options, like being able to mute certain subreddits and keywords.
Kevin stacked Robinhood
Fractional shares are a game changer. Generally makes investing a lot more accessible, which is highly appreciated.
The UI could use some work, but it's very functional and powerful. Great way to listen to audiobook (files).
Kevin stacked Sriracha
Makes everything taste better
Kevin stacked Roam Research
Really cool way to connect thoughts
Kevin stacked Stratechery
Ben provides consistent, in-depth analysis of the tech industry. The fact that it's now released in daily podcast form is even better, since it fits more into my news consumption workflow. I rarely deem these kinds of subscriptions necessary, but this is definitely worth it.
Kevin stacked adidas Ultraboost
Not only are they the most comfortable shoes of all time, but the Triple White 1.0s are also insanely stylish. You can match these bad boys with almost anything! This shoe alone singlehandedly places adidas above Nike for me.
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