Hussein Yahfoufi

Hussein Yahfoufi


Co-founder at Money Minx (coming soon). CIO at eCapital. Yoga saved my life 🧘‍♂️

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Easiest way to invest in real estate
Been using FitBod for years at the gym. Recent update added a ton of body weight workouts which can easily be done at home. No gym necessary.
Teams is making it really easy for our company to work remotely. Voice calls, video calls, file share, group chats, it's all surprisingly working well.
So I know I am late to the party. I just started using Figma on a new project and loving it!
We use a combo of HomePod and Sonos speakers around the house. It's really magical to listen to music this way. I hope the rumors of smaller HomePods are true. It would be great to get some for the bedrooms.
Pricey but worth every penny. We use this speaker all day everyday. In an out of the house and usually while synced to other speakers around the house.
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Simplest way to track weight and calorie intake.
Good family plan, already on all my devices and better parental controls than others. I do miss the way Spotify just keeps playing songs similar to what you just played tho.
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