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Jacob Lewis


Lover of technology, books, & this emoji: 😂

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AirPods are a delight to use. The noise cancelling does a great job of lowering ambient distractions, and Transparency Mode is super helpful when I need to hear something. Battery life is great. Comfort is great. All around an excellent product.
Robin PapaM...Richard
This chair is a worthwhile investment. I’m never uncomfortable when I sit in it. It’s well built and looks great as far as office chairs go!
Kevin KaplanruchiCalum Webb
Beautiful, minimal, functional, and well built, the Jarvis desk adapts to my preferred style of working.
Leandro ArdissoneJoelRyan Hoover
I may be biased (😉) but YNAB is definitely the best budgeting app (and method!) out there. YNAB’s four rules changed my life, helped me get out of debt, and continue to empower me to use my money for the things that matter most to me.
Kenny Bennett
Down with the George Costanza wallet! This wallet is sleek, minimal, and super durable. It’s made from high quality (vegan!) materials—I’ve had mine for years and it looks exactly the same as the day I bought it.
Care/of provides a great way to personalize your vitamin and supplement regimen. Take only what you want or need without all the other fillers, all from super high quality sources. They give you lots of information about their offerings. Added bonus: their packaging is top-notch.
Beautiful, minimal, functional. This stand is gorgeous and raises my MacBook Pro to the perfect height.
Things 3 blends simplicity and power. It’s a great task manager because it doesn’t get in your way. Features like Quick Add, Start Dates, Deadlines, and Tags make it easy to manage all your way, and never forget what’s most important. Plus the polish makes it a joy to use.
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