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Digital service development connoisseur, technical fx + commodities trader, crypto HODLer, biohacker-curious, twin dad, left-handed, balding. #mufc #ikstart

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Magic HansĀ stackedĀ Oura
Looks fly, tracks sleep data in a great way
Well this is awkward. No offense Spotify India, but I stacked Spotify. Just.. Spotify.
Fantastic read about the coach that worked with some of the most brilliant minds in Silicon Valley - written post mortem by Eric Schmidt and other Google top dogs post mortem to honour his teachings.
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Magic HansĀ stackedĀ Flux
Fantastic tool to relax the eyes before bedtime when working late
Awful interface but does the trick
Magic HansĀ stackedĀ Crystal
Fantastic tool to check out peoples psychological/personality profile before important meetings etc
Magic HansĀ stackedĀ Unshakeable
Best book to Read/Listen to. Learn how to grab the massive opportunity this bear market is.
TF is awesome
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