I make music and play with puters.

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It’s a great free tiled window manager. Great for when you wanna maximize your screen real estate.
Since 2006, I’ve been scrobbling with and it’s recommended me many great artists. Great for music discovery outside of your music streaming services.
This is a great budget monophonic synth. It’s got really fat bass and really nice distortion for really quick idea creation. Bonus if you love Aphex Twin. He made a few patches for it that are wild. Also doesn’t eat much desk space! 🎶
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I love Plex. It’s come in handy when my ISP drops connection and I wanna watch movies or tv. Also when you are at hotels with bad free WiFi.
This book is a wild ride. But interesting perspective from the founder of Gonzo Journalism. A good read if you enjoy the wild mindset of Hunter S. Thompson.
My go to when I need to router audio from browser to a wav or mp3 file! It’s great for sampling if you are a music maker. Also for recording live stream audio on a schedule!
You can use the fm radio function to pick up some white noise for builds or risers in a pinch. Then use the built in sampler to sample the noise to a synth patch.
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Club Mate is my go to energy drink when I can find it. It’s so light and bubbly while not overly sweet. And has plenty of caffeine to keep you going! If you like Yerba Mate you’ll love this!
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