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Pro tips
Leave the iPad!

Using ReMarkable tablet is designed to be a techless experience. So leave you iPad when using it to do some brainstorming or work. I try to use in the garden, if I can.

Don't miss out on Responses

Each time I use Missive, I add a new response - Responses are handy as they are like templates for snippets that will save you time later - for me, I have our collaboration guide nested in Responses - so I can quickly insert no worries.

Using "M" on Desktop Editions

Toggle "m" on your keyboard to remove and add the sidebars on the latest Desktop editions of Todoist - so speedy! And helps you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Volume Tweaks

Google Home Mini can sometimes set itself too loud or too low. Best way to deal with that is thinking of the sound as 1-10 - for example "Ok Google, set volume to 4" sets your volume to 40% loudness. Perfect for if you want to quickly adjust with your voice.

Timepage Sound Animation

I used to use Timepage by Moleskine, now a Woven user. But the Moleskine Timepage app on iOS had the most amazing sound animation - worth turning on full blast when using. Flicking between dates, scroll the calendar and even hold down in event page view and you'll be met with the most well designed sounds on a productivity app!

The Casper Glow Alarm!

If you haven't heard of the Glow Lamp, YouTube it! The Glow lamp has been a handy investment recently, a Christmas present from my wife, and it's made mornings wonderful. Using the connected app, you can set a alarm and the Glow will wake you up 30-minutes around the set time with a gradual natural "sun" light. It's amazing and improves your mood in the morning, instead of waking to "TURN THE ALARM OFF!"

Sleep Timer

This is hidden, but if you go to the "three-dot" options on a track, you can set a Sleep Timer. This is ideal, sometimes when I'm travelling for work, I can't sleep well in hotels - so I sleep time 30-minutes of Travis, works a treat!

Content Calendar Gem!

Planning a monthly line-up of videos and podcasts is tough, but with Notion, I built a calendar database that helps to plot all my ideas and future videos and tag them all. The magic of this is I can move them around the calendar and plan ahead.

The new Sub-Task Panel

The most under-rated feature has to be the new sub-tasks, adding up all your tasks in a line and peeking in to see them all does help to break a task down and reduce stress of a overloaded task inbox.

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