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A nifty yoga application, a little expensive, but done some solid workouts on this before!
Very interesting new checklist application - reminds me as if Dynalist + Taskade had a baby!
A few squid saved!
JacqMicah Carroll
This is an absolute gem of a game. Impossible at the start, but once you learn it, incredibly hard and rewarding to game through.
Small, attractive and easy to use. I use the Todoist Home application within it, not always 100% reliable, but works a treat for hands-free task capture.
The inbox feature is perfection. Managing through your podcasts was previously just a stream of incoming titles, now I actually process what I'm about to listen to and I do this every 3-days and aligns all the next titles I get to listen to, from Naval to MoneyLab with Matt G.
The most-underrated of video conferencing software. Reliability has been smashing over the years!
An impressive whiteboard/canvas -style applications, an area I call "mural productivity" - but a great way for teams to work together in real-time with diagrams, boards, visuals and more!
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