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Some of the nicest handcrafted shoes I've worn. Comfortable and elegant. Hasn't been a day where I didn't get a compliment on them. Well worth the wait to see them come to fruition step-by-step.
Insightful analysis of hundreds of years of data on economic, productivity, election and GDP for the rise and falls of countries. Exploring the past trends (especially the last 40-50 years) gives some access to how growth can falter.
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Don't love all the notifications but as a member of a few communities there, it's invaluable to ask questions and interact with others.
The idea that and MIT courses are here makes Coursera the go-to for introductions to topics in a structured format.
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Have a multiyear membership - easy to install/use/connect. Only issue has been Spotify on my laptop at times when on public WiFi - can just use the web browser, though.
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Had the opportunity to attend a conference (DS Go) virtually - the option of visiting multiple areas is promising. If we can connect or make this easier on the visual side, it may be a replacement. Valuable start to interaction, though.
Easy recording, can find and try a few trails. Thankfully the Bay Area is littered with a ton so we'll see new ones all the time. I missed my S Health which used to record automatically. This comes close.
Lifesaver for when you need a portable coffee press and have some grounds available. Clean, no mess. Just a little patience and delicious coffee to your cup.
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