Erick Muller

Erick Muller

@ErickMullrĀ Ā

Lifelong student. Runner. Enjoy building things (with nocode tools) & obsessed with lifelogging.

#internet, #tech, #basketball, #maker, #podcastĀ 
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I love this one more because of Amazon Skills. So many useful integrations
It works very well. Compared to watching something with someone irl, almost nothing is lost.
Erick MullerĀ stackedĀ Substack
Free and super easy to get started
Erick MullerĀ stackedĀ TikTok
addicting. I like that the videos can be longer. I didn't like Vine for that reason.
Main reason is that it has a desktop version and it syncs with your phone app. At this point I'm so used to the UI that I can't imagine using any other podcast player.
Erick MullerĀ stackedĀ Loom
I really like how fast you can create a vid and share it.
Super customizable and way ahead of any other im app. Great bot marketplace
Erick MullerĀ stackedĀ ProtonMail
YourStack Mascot