Emma Butler

Emma Butler


CEO of Intimately, Marketing @ Actiondesk (YC S19), Brown University

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A little biased (I interned here!) but Actiondesk is an easy tool to integrate and sync all your data sources like SQL, Stripe, Salesforce Hubspot etc. Bye bye to CSV. Makes my life as an entrepreneur so much easier
Emma Butler stacked VSCO
I use a custom filter to make sure all of my Instagram posts for my startup look the same and on brand
I love that it syncs with my GCal. Makes it so much easier to schedule, no back and forth. With the integration with zoom, it automatically sets up zoom conferences
Sticker mule delivers high quality stickers really quickly. Rather than a roll of stickers, they have individual stacks of stickers so I can put stickers in my customers boxes and then they can put the sticker wherever they’d like!
Flits has been a great addition to our Shopify store. It allows customers to log in with their social accounts and also builds in a wishlist. No code necessary to install and looks seamless and great on our Shopify store.
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Even though I have an Ivy League degree, I'm notoriously bad at forgetting words or articles in my sentences. I need to use Grammarly to double-check everything!
Super easy gift that is personalized and so Instagrammable. I send these to new team members with a personalized note, our logo, and a cute little snack of gift. The boxes are SO cute and well designed and fold out beautifully. Order one just for yourself to see!
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The ultimate newsletter for new startups! Quick and easy to read with only 5 or 6 articles linked. All are super relevant and hit different topics from hiring, finance, product development and more. I look forward to Saturdays because of this newsletter!
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