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Emerson Volkova

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Currently a barista at Foxtail Coffee Co in Orlando, FL. Just beginning my programming journey into front-end web dev + UI/UX, leading toward data viz & art.

#dataviz, #generative-art, #ui-uxĀ 
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This quite literally is my second brain. A staple in my workflow and the center of my digitized thoughts.
Home automation starts with energy conservation. The Nest is quite a welcome addition to the home.
Emerson VolkovaĀ stackedĀ Todoist
Intuitive and easy to personalize
App complications and lifestyle trackers have lots of room for growth.
I don't, but it integrates the best with iOS and Apple ecosystem.
Emerson VolkovaĀ stackedĀ BMW USA
It's reliable and teachable.
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