Elias Bizannes

Elias Bizannes


Less is more. Call your mum. Curiosity fed the cat.

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Constant plot turns, powerful characters and performances, great visuals, and plenty of absurdity to make the grim humourous.
It's a tasty drink form of Lactobacillus paracasei.
The guy that came up with the 5 S’s, (which as a new parent is all I know to calm a baby other than feeding and a diaper change) is the founder of Snoo, which for me is the 6th "S".
Ryan Hoover
I love putting a dumb lamp onto an auto timer + switching it off with my phone. Though struggling to make the Homekit integration work which would make it even better...
Keep's track of your time for productivity. Knowing that I've been productive 86% this year and have spent half of my time communicating for work both intrigues and disappoints me.
Ricardo MatosAdithyaJulie
Because dust happens daily, yo. It’s like someone vacuuming once a day your floors but with a fetish to chew any chord in its way.
NavalCalum Webb
Semi-luxury car with an engine that purrs at speed and has three rows of seats. Don't take my word for it: it's one of the best Midside SUV's on the market as rated by US News.
The most accurate weather forecast, specific to your location. Alerts you when it's going to rain, hail or shine.
Kevin LawsSteve Greenberg
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